Neurologist in Borivali

 Dr. Amit Shah Neurology clinic, Borivali is one of the most advanced neurology clinics in Borivali, Mumbai. It is located at a prime location in Borivali west – S V Road and has all neurodiagnostic facilities like EEG, EMG / NCS, SSEP, VEP, FNC, BAER, etc. The contact number of the Borivali clinic is 98195 61456, 93213 66625.

What does a Neurologist do?

A neurologist is a doctor specialising in the treatment, diagnosis, and management of problems relating to the nervous system and brain. Neurologists Dr. Amit Shah treats various types of disorders, including migraine,headache, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, convulsions, memory loss, stroke, and Parkinson’s disease.

Neurologists treat patients of all ages with a broad range of neurological medical conditions. The following are the top five most common conditions treated by neurologists:

Headaches – There are various varieties of headaches, including migraines (with and without an aura), cluster headaches, and tension headaches. All forms of persistent headaches may produce considerable discomfort and interrupt daily life. A neurologist can help minimize the frequency of headaches and prescribe medication to alleviate symptoms.

Seizures and epilepsy– Epilepsy and seizure disorders may be congenital (existing at birth) or acquired. They arise as a result of aberrant brain activity. Seizures significantly disrupt everyday life and might potentially cause brain damage. Neurology doctors may give you medication to prevent and treat seizures.

Stroke– A stroke is a medical emergency in which a portion of the brain’s blood supply is cut off. Immediate medical attention from a neurologist is necessary to minimize brain damage.

Dementia– The word “dementia” refers to a group of medical diseases that affect the brain and create symptoms such as memory loss, problem-solving, and critical thinking. Neurologists in Borivali – Dr. Amit Shah can treat individuals with this illness by administering medication to alleviate symptoms.

Parkinson’s diseaseParkinson’s disease is a nervous system ailment characterized by low levels of a hormone known as dopamine. Tremors, rigidity, and alterations in thinking may result from this. Neurologists may prescribe drugs to alleviate Parkinson’s nervous system symptoms.

How to reach Dr. Amit Shah Neurology Clinic, Borivali West

Dr. Amit Shah Neurology Clinic is located on S.V Road Borivali West. We can easily reach the clinic from Station or WE highway, located close to the East-West bridge, near Kora Kendra. It is located above Tirumala showroom, SV Road, Borivali – West.

Address:Dr Amit Shah Neurology Clinic Borivali West
502/ 5th Floor Above Tirumala, Borivali West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400092

Timing:  09:00 AM -12:00 PM (Monday to Saturday)
Contact No: 98195 61456, 93213 66625

Neurodiagnostic tests performed By Dr. Amit Shah at his clinic in Borivali west clinic are:

NCV – NCV measures the nerve conduction velocity of different nerves.
EEG – EEG stands for electroencephalogram, and it is used to measure brain waves (electroencephalography).
EMG – Electromyography is a method of measuring muscle activity
Evoked potentials – Every sensory experience in the body causes measurable brain activity.
Examinations of the blood vessels and the brain with ultrasound

Even minor changes in the neurological system may have far-reaching consequences and symptoms. Make an appointment with Dr. Amit Shah Neurologist if you are having any of the following symptoms:

– Changes in behavior
– Confusion, difficulty thinking, or memory issues
– Dizziness, as well as problems with balance and coordination
– Numbness, weakness, or movement difficulty.
– Seizures, syncope, or repeated staring episodes are all symptoms of epilepsy.
– Light or sound sensitivity.
– Recurrent severe headaches
– Having difficulty speaking, reading, or writing
– Tremors, or other uncontrollable motions
– Vision changes
– Significant alterations in gait or posture.
– Abnormal brain or spine imaging

For Emergency / STROKE Contact – 98195 61456